Aesthetic Surgery


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Jawline Contouring

In patients with excess fat under the chin or neck, liposuction can be utilized to sculpt the jawline and improve contours.

    Micro Liposculpture

    Meticulous and careful liposuction can be performed in desired locations, with the fat harvested and transferred to a secondary location as a living fat graft. Fat micrograft’s can be placed anywhere there is a desire for volume restoration: periorbita, temporal hollowing, cheeks, and jawline.

      Buccal Fat Pad Removal

      When the fullness of the lower face and cheeks disrupts the harmony of facial balance, fat pad excision can be a lovely way to accentuate and refine the cheekbones. This can be done with local sedation.

        Eyelid Surgery

        When Dr. Maddox has optimized all nonsurgical approaches to eyelid rejuvenation, such as neurotoxins, filler, and microneedling, she will begin to discuss surgical removal of the excess hooding or sagging skin of your eyelids, which is due to a natural loss of skin elasticity. Incisions are well-hidden in the crease of your upper eyelid or the eyelash line of your lower lid, making the scar nearly imperceptible.

          Lip Augmentation

          ((Lip Lift))

          The lip’s vertical height tends to increase with aging and loss of skin elasticity. When the distance from the base of the nose to the top of the pink lip is increased, it can disrupt facial balance. Skin excision is often necessary to restore this balance. If the volume is deficient, options for restoration include hyaluronic acid fillers, fat micrografts, or fascial grafts.

            Laceration Repair

            A laceration can be repaired within 48 hours of injury if managed carefully. You can always call our office during business hours to see if I am available to address your wounds in the acute injury period. If your laceration has been repaired by another physician, you can always transition care to my office for optimal scar treatments and re-evaluation for a revision procedure. Lacerations should be revised at 6 months to 1 year after the date of injury for best outcomes.

              Benign Lesion Removal

              Benign lesions are those that are not cancerous but can still be distressing or uncomfortable, especially if occurring in cosmetically sensitive areas. These include moles, cysts, and scars. I perform excision procedures in the office with local anesthesia.

                Scar Revision

                There are many variables that can affect your healing, such as the mechanism of injury, nutrition, genetics, infection, and stress. The scar maturation period takes a full year. I will counsel you during this healing process to fully optimize your final scar outcome.


                  For areas of fat that are resistant to exercise, dieting, or weight loss, liposuction can be a powerful tool. To remove the excess fat cells, I use tiny incisions about a half a centimeter in length that are always well concealed. Downtime is minimal and body contouring results are quick and satisfying. I will always perform a careful examination of your anatomy to ensure that we meet your expectations with this surgery. If excess skin is encountered, liposuction can be combined with skin removal to further elevate your outcome. 


                    Labiaplasty is a short procedure that can improve the appearance and function of a woman’s labia. When the labia are large, redundant, or hanging, a patient may experience pain or discomfort with walking, exercising, or during sexual activity. Wearing certain clothing such as snug pants can also be uncomfortable. A woman may feel self conscious about being seen naked, in a swimsuit, or during intimacy. For any of these reasons, a labiaplasty can be pursued in the operating room with local anesthesia or intravenous sedation.

                      Body Contouring

                      (Arm Lift, Thigh Lift, Back Lift, Bra Lift)

                      With weight fluctuations, the skin elasticity of these areas can be compromised. Liposuction can be combined with skin excision to elevate and restore a sleeker silhouette without loose, draping skin.



                        Weight fluctuations, genetics, and pregnancy can cause laxity of the core musculature and excess skin bulging below the belly button. An abdominoplasty involves removing this excess skin and repairing any muscle weakness with internal suturing. If further contouring is desired, liposuction can be added to this procedure. The final scar is placed below any C-section scars and hidden below the underwear lines.

                          $6,000 skin removal with rectus diastasis repair; from $2,500 liposuction of the abdomen/flank/lower back
                          Recovery Time
                          5-14 days; 4 weeks until full exercise

                          Fat Transfer to Breast

                          Breast augmentation with fat transfer can be a lovely, natural way to restore volume to a deflated breast. While it is not meant to elevate the nipple, it can be combined with a mastopexy to deliver a refined, natural augmentation. After a careful examination of donor sites, we harvest fat from 1-2 locations based on your anatomy and desired result. My intention is to never compromise a donor site in order to deliver an aesthetically pleasing result; rather, all operative sites will be contoured to achieve a more elevated outcome. Using our careful methods, 60% of fat cells transferred will be retained for a lifetime and these will grow and shrink with weight gain and loss, respectively.

                            $8,500 mastopexy augmentation, including 2 areas of liposuction; $4,500 fat transfer only
                            Recovery Time
                            5-14 days

                            Transgender Top surgery

                            Transgender top surgery is a true blend of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and can be done in a supportive environment in our private operating suites at Hedgewood.

                              Male Breast Reduction

                              Gynecomastia, or excess breast development in a male, can be socially and professionally uncomfortable, and is often resistant to exercise. After a thoughtful workup of the sources of breast development, we can develop a plan that restores a more natural contour to the chest using minimally invasive surgical techniques.

                                Breast revision

                                Revision surgery is an option in the immediate or late postoperative period. It is considered more of a reconstructive surgery, which should be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon because with each breast surgery, the risks increase. My extensive training in breast surgery allows me to offer the most thoughtful surgical plan to achieve your desired goal.

                                  Breast Implant Removal

                                  Implants are not lifetime devices. Typically, they should be evaluated with an imaging and clinical exam every few years after placement to monitor for capsular contracture or rupture. Many women desire implant removal in conjunction with a mastopexy/lift and or fat augmentation to restore some volume. Implant exchange can also be performed at the time of a lift for maintenance. If extensive scarring is occuring around the implant or rupture is noted, the entire capsule can be removed en bloc with the implant to minimize further complication.

                                    Breast Reduction

                                    Breast weight, coupled with excess skin, can cause significant neck pain, back pain, and discomfort and can often lead to postural changes. This may cause difficulty in exercising, limit clothing choices, and reduce quality of life. I employ a superomedial technique when possible to achieve a feminine, youthful contour which has longevity. Patients who have breast reductions are among the happiest of all plastic surgery patients.

                                      Breast Lift

                                      Aging, gravity, weight fluctuation, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can alter the breast shape and position. Nipples may begin to point downward and the breast may feel and look deflated. The weight of this hanging breast tissue can lead to neck pain and postural changes. Breast lift or mastopexy can address these issues by reducing the excess skin and breast weight to achieve a fuller, elevated breast. For additional volume, fat grafting or implants can be added to the surgery.

                                        Implant Augmentation

                                        Breast enlargement or breast implant surgery can be performed with implants that are either silicone (SIENTRA, Highly Cohesive, or Gummy Bear) or saline (IDEAL). Incisions are typically hidden in the breast fold. My goal is to truly understand your expectations in order to best achieve your desired results. Whether the result is subtle or dramatic, we collaborate on a surgical plan to safely achieve your goal.