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Body Contouring in New Orleans, LA

Dr. Suma Maddox takes pride in caring for her patients on a human level.

During your consultation, you will discuss ways to elevate and refine your distinct features in a way that feels natural and authentic.

See how Dr. Maddox helps you reach your body goals through a unique blend of nonsurgical treatments and aesthetic surgeries.

Body Contouring With Dr. Suma Maddox

A devoted mother, wife, and female double-board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Maddox understands the unrealistic beauty standards and societal pressures that women are taught from a very young age and how this can affect one’s confidence and mental health.

Because of this, Dr. Maddox has developed an individualized approach to body contouring in New Orleans. Her practice is rooted in preserving your beauty while elevating your natural details.

Dr. Maddox will never try to pressure you to have body contouring surgery that you don’t need. Rather, she will collaborate with you and craft a personalized plan aligned with your desired outcomes. She is committed to guiding you toward your aesthetic goals in a way that feels genuine, comfortable, and true to yourself.

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Laceration Repair

Laceration repair with Dr. Maddox is a skillful, minimally invasive procedure dedicated to restoring both your physical comfort and emotional well-being. It involves the careful closure and stitching of cuts or wounds, ensuring they heal seamlessly and with as little scarring as possible.

Whether caused by accidents or other incidents, lacerations can be distressing. Dr. Maddox specializes in the art of repairing these injuries, understanding that timely care within 48 hours of injury is often crucial for optimal results.

Benign Lesion Removal

Dr. Maddox personally oversees the gentle and precise removal of non-cancerous skin growths, such as moles, skin tags, or cysts, through benign lesion removal. Using a combination of meticulous techniques and local anesthesia, Dr. Maddox delicately removes the lesion while preserving the surrounding healthy tissue.

This restorative procedure is designed to minimize scarring, promoting a seamless and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Scar Revision

Scar revision is a specialized procedure aimed at improving the appearance of scars resulting from injury or previous surgeries. Through advanced techniques, Dr. Maddox thoughtfully addresses scar tissue, minimizing its visibility and improving skin texture.

Whether you have keloid, hypertrophic, or atrophic scars, trust in Dr. Maddox to provide personalized care to help you achieve smoother, more rejuvenated skin.


Liposuction is an empowering solution for those struggling with stubborn fat in areas resistant to exercise and diet. Through small, discreet incisions, Dr. Maddox gently removes the excess fat cells to sculpt and contour the body, helping you achieve a more confident and refined appearance.

Dr. Maddox performs liposuction with sensitivity and precision, resulting in minimal downtime and lasting results.


Labiaplasty is a powerful surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes a woman’s labia minora or majora. This cosmetic surgery is often performed when patients feel their labia are overly large or hanging. It focuses on enhancing your physical comfort, promoting your body positivity, and creating results that transcend the test of time.

Labiaplasty can address issues like discomfort during physical activities, intimate moments, or while wearing certain clothing. Dr. Maddox approaches each case with sensitivity and thoroughness, ensuring a safe, respectful, and reassuring experience for all patients.

Body Contouring

Body contouring — through procedures like arm, thigh, back, and bra lifts — is a thoughtful response to the natural changes our bodies undergo over time, such as weight fluctuations or aging. These changes can affect skin elasticity, leading to areas of loose or draping skin.

With a deep understanding of your body and preferences, Dr. Maddox uses body contouring to delicately elevate and tighten the skin, creating a smoother, more youthful appearance. When paired with liposuction, these procedures gently sculpt the body, offering a renewed sense of self and a reinvigorated body image.


Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure for those looking to reclaim their natural abdominal contours. Fluctuations in body weight, genetics, and pregnancy often result in weakened core muscles and excess skin gathering beneath the belly button. With abdominoplasty, Dr. Maddox carefully removes the surplus skin and tightens the muscles, creating a smoother and more toned abdomen.

Through a gentle, empathetic approach, Dr. Maddox restores both a sense of firmness in the abdomen and self-confidence in the patient.

Learn More About Body Contouring in New Orleans With Dr. Suma Maddox

Going through with any sort of body contouring procedure is a decision that takes considerable thought and research.

Dr. Suma Maddox is here to help guide you through this journey.

If you’re searching for “body contouring near me” in the New Orleans area, contact Dr. Suma Maddox to learn more about all the services we offer.