Interview with Dr. Suma Maddox

If your search for a “female plastic surgeon near me” led you to Dr. Suma Maddox, you’re in good hands. Get to know the New Orleans native firsthand with answers to your top questions.

In an era where plastic surgery is accelerating at an unprecedented rate, Dr. Maddox stands out for her commitment to personalized care, ethical practice, and surgical excellence.
As a double board-certified female plastic surgeon, the New Orleans native specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. In today’s interview, she opens up about her surgical philosophies, advanced techniques, and what sets her practice apart.

Get to know the woman behind the surgical mask and how she’s revolutionizing plastic surgery.

Introducing Dr. Suma Maddox


What drew you to specialize in this particular area of plastic surgery?

I was a breast and general surgeon for four years, mainly performing mastectomy surgeries for women with breast cancer. These types of operations felt destructive, and I wanted to do more work in the restorative process. I got more involved in oncoplastic breast surgery, in which cancer is removed and the breast artistically reconstructed for optimal aesthetic results, and decided to pursue further training in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

How would you describe your patient-care philosophy?

The aesthetic space is filled with judgment and shame, and it can be a very difficult consultation to have. I hope to provide the service and care that I would want for myself. I’m a nurturer. That’s how I am as a mother, a wife, a friend, and a doctor. I invite my patients to slow down and openly explore the details they want to see in a safe space.

What do you consider the most important outcome of a consultation?

At the heart of my practice in New Orleans, a consultation isn’t merely a procedural talk or a business transaction. To me, it’s a bridge to mutual understanding. The primary goal is to delve deep, truly grasping the desires and expectations of my patients.

Every individual who steps into my consultation room is unique. They come with their hopes, anxieties, and stories, and it’s imperative for me to truly “see” and “hear” them. Whether they’re seeking a transformative change or subtle enhancements, I aim to craft a comprehensive plan that mirrors their vision.

What does a “good” plastic surgery outcome look like to you?

When many think of plastic surgery, their minds might gravitate toward flawless appearances or dramatic transformations. However, in my practice, the benchmark for a “good” outcome stretches beyond mere aesthetics.
To me, a successful plastic surgery procedure is one that restores. It’s about rekindling the spark of functionality that might have been lost or compromised. It’s about reclaiming the confidence that might have waned over the years. It’s about feeling whole, both inside and out.
Ensuring patients get long-lasting results is of the utmost importance to me. The work we do isn’t just for the present moment or the immediate future. I believe in delivering results that stand the test of time. This longevity ensures that the choices made today still resonate and feel right years down the line.

How have advancements in technology, such as 3D printing or fat grafting, influenced your practice?

As a female breast surgeon, breast contouring and shaping is a very artistic process. I hand draw every breast design on my patients prior to their surgery, and the refinements of fat grafting are just one more tool in the toolbox to deliver beautiful, natural results.

What is your favorite part about being a plastic surgeon in New Orleans?

While many aspects of my profession are very rewarding, one thing that stands out the most is the joy I feel seeing satisfied patients around town. In a place where every corner tells a story and every celebration is a shared experience, these encounters are a gentle reminder of the impact of my work.
It’s not just about shaping contours or refining features. It’s about bolstering spirits, enhancing self-worth, and reigniting the unique spark that makes each of my patients special.

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Everyone’s path to loving their details is unique and deeply personal.
So is Dr. Maddox’s approach to every procedure, service, and patient she welcomes into her clinic.
Whether you’re interested in a facial analysis procedure or face, body, and breast cosmetic surgery, Dr. Maddox has state-of-the-art, empathetic solutions tailored to your exact preferences.
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